Born February 17, 1973, 
in Auxerre, France


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Laboratoire de Détection et de Géophysique 


91680 Bruyères-le-Châtel - FRANCE 

Ph. 00 33 1 69 26 61 43 / 54 71 (secr.) 

Fax 00 33 1 69 26 71 30 


2000 : Ph.D. in Seismology, French Nuclear Safety Institute and University Grenoble I, France.

1991-1996 : Studies equivalent to M.Sc. in Geophysics, University Grenoble I, France.
    1996 : ”Magistère”, Physics.
    1996 : "DEA", Geophysics option Seismology.
    1995 : "Maîtrise", Physics option Geophysics.
    1994 : "Licence", Physics option Geophysics.
    1993 : "DEUG A", Mathematics and Physics option Geosciences.

1991 : High School diploma in science "Baccalauréat", Auxerre, France.


2002- : Seismic motion variations with depth (data analysis and modeling).

2000-2002 : Oaxaca earthquake, Mexico, 1999 (strong ground motion inversion in frequency domain).

1999-2002 : Chamoli earthquake, India, 1999 (source geometry, inversion, accelerograms, tectonics).

1998-2003 : Umbria-Marche sequence, Italy, 1997 (Seismic sources, sequence, SAR, GPS, strong motions).

1995-1999 : Landers earthquake, California, 1992 (source, kinematic inversion, geodetic and sismological data).

1994-1995 : Snow cover in the French Alps (metamorphism model, Landsat TM images, avalanche forecasting).

1994 : Wave propagation in Mexico city (local network, data processing, time correction, site effects).

1993-1994 : Magnetic properties of monoclinic pyrrhotite Fe7S8 4c, (radiocristallography, geomagnetism).


List of Publications


1999 and 2000 : Lecture in seismology at post-graduate level (equivalent to an engineer’s degree in geological engineering), Faculty of Sciences, Orsay, University Paris XI.


French : native language.

English : read, written, spoken.

Spanish : read, written, spoken. (nivel 4, UNAM)


Systems : UNIX, DOS, Windows.

Programs : FORTRAN , PASCAL, C.

Softwares : Word, Excel, Power Point, Lotus, Matlab, GMT, LaTeX, SAC, pql.

GIS : ArcView, ArcInfo.


Young geoscientists from 1984 to 1990 (Club des Jeunes Naturalistes d’Auxerre (CJNA); Paul Bert Museum, Auxerre).

American Geophysical Union (AGU) since 1997.

European Geophysical Society (EGS) since 1998.

French association for earthquake engineering (Association Française du Génie Parasismique (AFPS)) since 1998.

Field experiments

1995 : Geophysical surveying in France (vallée du Grésivaudan) gravimetry measurements, land levelling and reflection shooting.

1999 : Dense array measurements of ambient vibrations in the Grenoble basin to study local Site effects (Global Positioning System for the precise station location, seismic network).

2001 : Installation of a temporal seismic network in Chiapas, Mexico (seismic network).

2001 : Geodetic deformation of the Guerrero state, Mexico (Global Positioning System, tiltmeters).


Philately, ski, ride and walk in the mountain, gardening.